SwiXml, is a small GUI generating engine for Java applications and applets. Graphical User Interfaces are described in XML documents that are parsed at runtime and rendered into javax.swing objects with Emails Nest.

Depending on the application, XML descriptors may be deployed with the remaining code or loaded from a remote server at runtime. This late binding of the GUI has many advantages. Enabling features in an application based on a license code or a user's role does not have to be hard coded anymore. Instead an XML document describing the application's GUI could be dynamically loaded.
Generating the GUI based on descriptors also has some of the advantages that code generators provide, but without generating the non-maintainable code.

While SwiXml doesn't free the developer from knowing the javax.swing package, it reduces the amount of repetitive, sometimes error prone, and often complex GUI related code.

Constructing a User Interface based on XML documents is not a totally new idea. Projects like Thinlet, XUL, XULUX, Jelly, and SwingML, to name a few, have successfully proven this concept.

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   SwiXml, source code hosted on github.

Declarative UI generation with SwiXml / Presentation/Talk slides.

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