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 SwiXml 2.4 (#240) released.
 SwiXml source control moved on, from SVN (on to GIT (on github)

SwiXml allows developers to rapidly generate graphical user interfaces by writing XML documents defining the layout and content of the interfaces.
SwiXml is an efficient java library, capable of instantiating javax.swing and custom objects at runtime. However, all dynamic and data-depending objects, like event handlers, data models, etc, have to be coded in Java.

SwiXml is available under an Apache-style open source license. This license is among the least restrictive license available, enabling developers to use SwiXml in creating new products without requiring them to release their own products as open source.
Read the complete license here.

  Mac OS X support:
Much work went into supporting Mac OS X. When running on a Mac, SwiXml renders a Java Swing GUI with a look & feel very close to native Mac applications.
The Mac OS X specific support is entirely encapsulated, freeing the developer from writing platform specific Java code. Read the details...

Read here, what some developers and users are saying about SwiXml.

  Sample Code:
Look at the Java source and XML descriptors to learn how to add event handlers or how to roll your own tags ...

  See the big picture:
The diagram shows how some of the important SwiXml  classes relate to each other.

  SwiXml and Applets :
Read here, how to use SwiXml to generate the GUI for an Applet, which loads the XML descriptor at runtime from the applet hosting server.

Version Control: Git at Swixml's GitHub site:
We provide the Swixml source code for anyone who wants it. In general, source code is intended for developers or users who wish to get more involved with the project.

The SwiXml software consists of voluntary contributions made by many individuals on behalf of the Swixml Project led by Wolf Paulus. However, SwiXml wouldn't be the same without the invaluable contributions by the following people:

Cubes Swixml, founded by Wolf Paulus
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